Additional Stats


  • Poison (Poison) (0:10)


  • Regeneration (Regeneration) when in water
  • Resistance (Resistance) when wet
  • Has a 25% chance of fleeing when health drops below 25%


  • Axes
    • Note: Limited to axes based on the vanilla axes
  • Fire
    • Slowness (Slowness) (0:05)
    • Weakness (Weakness) (0:05)


Rare Drops

Additional Notes

  • Stamina
    • After 30 seconds of continuous movement, movement speed is reduced
    • (Was meant to serve as a test to be eventually implemented to all mobs in the 1.12.x update)
  • Has a chance to spawn with an alternative texture.
  • Has a 10% chance to spawn as a baby.
    • It is purely cosmetic.


  • This is the first female mob to be created for the mod when it was initially being developed.
  • New features are initially tested through this mob before being applied to additional mobs.

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