Additional Stats


  • Melee
    • Slowness (Slowness) (0:10)
    • Mining Fatigue (Mining fatigue) (0:10)
  • Ranged
    • Has a 50% chance to spawn equipped with a Tipped Arrow
      • Slowness (Slowness)
      • Weakness (Weakness)


  • Melee
    • Can break doors
    • Has a 50% chance to spawn with a shield
      • With a shield, they are immune to ranged attacks
      • With a shield, they have a 25% chance of having 0% knockback
  • Ranged
    • They always spawn with a Bow enchanted with Punch I


  • None


Rare Drops

Unique Rare Drops

Additional Notes

  • Hates Orcs. They will attack them on sight.
  • Has a 50% chance to spawn as an archer.
  • Has a 10% chance to spawn a Valkyrie.
    • The chance increases by 1% each time the damage cap is reached.
    • This can be disabled through the config.


  • Dwarves were first introduced in Grimoire of Gaia but removed in Grimoire of Gaia 2 and then re-added later on in Grimoire of Gaia 3.

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