Book and Quill

The information provided here gives a general idea and functions of the mobs included by this mod. All mobs included in this mod share the same stats based on their assigned Level/Tier.

Spawn Mechanics

  • Day
    • The light level is greater than 7
    • The sky can be seen directly above the block they are to spawn on.
    • They are limited to spawning on the following blocks:
      • Grass
      • Dirt
      • Gravel
      • Sand
      • Snow
  • Night

In addition to these;

  • The biome and Y coordinates may also affect specific spawns.
  • The Protection Talisman prevents all Grimoire of Gaia mobs from spawning in a 8x8 block radius around it.


  • Passive
    • will never attack or retaliate
  • Assist/Neutral
    • will not attack unless provoked
    • will attack anything that attacks them
  • Aggressive
    • will attack on sight
      • limited to players
    • will attack anything that attacks them
    • will usually attack the first player within its range


Each mob shares similar stats based on their level. The following information provides a general idea on their stats as they rarely deviate their stats from their assigned level:

  • Level 1
    • Health points: 40 (Heart × 20)
    • Armor points: 4 (Armor × 2)
    • Attack strength: 8 (Heart × 4)
    • Experience: 10
    • Knockback: 75%
    • Step Height: 1
    • Drops:
    • Rare Drops:
      • Iron Box
  • Level 2
    • Health points: 80 (Heart × 40)
    • Armor points: 8 (Armor × 4)
    • Attack strength: 12(Heart × 6)
    • Experience: 25
    • Knockback: 62.5%s
    • Step Height: 1
    • Drops:
    • Rare Drops:
      • Gold Box
      • Book Satchel
  • Level 3
    • Health points: 160 Hearts (Heart × 80)
    • Armor points: 16 (Armor × 8)
    • Attack strength: 16 (Heart × 8)
    • Experience: 50
    • Knockback: 50%
    • Step Height: 6
    • Ability:
      • Immunity:
        • Fire
        • Fall Damage
        • Projectile
        • Web
    • Drops:
    • Rare Drops:
      • Diamond Box
    • By default, they do not spawn naturally but instead they have a small chance to spawn from mobs who share the same biome they are suppose to spawn in.
      • This can disabled through the config.

Note: Mobs will always drop nugget(s) or fragment(s). Nugget and fragment drop rates are not affected by the Looting enchantment.


The effects of the difficulty settings set by Minecraft.

  • Peaceful
    • Removes Assist and Aggressive mobs
  • Easy
    • Disables debuffs
  • Normal
    • Default debuffs duration
  • Hard
    • Increases debuffs duration

Difficulty can further be adjusted through the configuration file generated by this mod.

Damage Cap

The maximum amount of hits that can be done to a mob. This was implemented to prevent mobs from being defeated with a single hit using extremely high damage weapons.

The amount is based on the level of the mob.

  • Level 1
    • 2 hits
  • Level 2
    • 4 hits
  • Level 3
    • 8 hits
  • Can be adjusted through the config

Very Rare Drops

Very Rare drops are rare drops that are not affected by the Looting enchantment.

The default rare drop rate in Minecraft is 2.5%; a very rare drop rate is the same but the chances cannot be increased through the Looting enchantment and are considered a different drop entirely.


Refer to the Configuration page for more details.

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