These are features that are:

  • a work in process
    • are not accessible through the creative menu cut can be accessed through commands
  • were never added and exist only as unused assets
  • were removed entirely from the mod

Grimoire of Gaia 2 Cut Content

These were supposed to be included with the initial launch of Grimoire of Gaia 2 but were never managed to be added.

Grimoire of Gaia 2 was meant to be a step up to its precursor by adding more mobs who complemented each other by following a theme per biome. It was also meant to add different sets of mobs to each biome.


The Goblin was based on the MGE entry of the same name. It was not added due to the idea of how farfetched it would be for a goblin to look like this. A more traditional looking goblin was preferred.

Unused Goblin


The Gorgon was meant to be a Tier 3 mob for the Swamp biome. But due to the amount of water present in that biome defeating it would have been easy as it would never be able to catch up to the player.

Unused Gorgon


The Karakasa was not added due to animation limits. Its design is based on a old umbrella and making it open and close would make it less convincing of it being one.

Unused Karakasa

Mushroom Witch

The Mushroom Witch would have been the only mob to spawn in the Mushroom Island biome. But because the Mushroom Island biome is supposed to be peaceful, it was not added.

Unused Mushroom Witch


The Bear was meant to be a riding mob for a rider mob. The model for the bear was made but not the rider. Due to how hard it would have been to code it, it was never added.

Unused Bear


The Ent was meant to be added to the forest biome. The problem was due to the large amount of height restrictions in the biome due to the tress it was never added.

Unused Ent


The Khepri was meant to spawn in the desert biome and compliment the Anubis. Due to unexplained reasons, the leg animations never worked properly and thus it was never added.

Unused Khepri

Debug Mob

The Debug Mob is a mob used to test new features.

Its design is based on the Tanuki from the MGE entry of the same name and was used as a Trader in previous versions of the mod until it was replaced with the current version. It has been remodeled though.

As of 1.5.4+ it is present in Grimoire of Gaia but it cannot be spawned in-game as it is not registered in code. It only exists as asset files (texture and model) which may be accessible through mods.

Unused Tanuki

Emerald Equipment

The Emerald Equipment were created to make use of Emeralds back when they were first added to Minecraft. Aside from being a form of currency, they served no other purpose as mods did not use them.

They are meant to use the Emerald Fragments/Shards added by the mod.

Unused Emerald Equipment

Debug Weapon

The Debug Weapon is meant to be used to test damage ranges. Originally used for the base model for the book weapons, it was later changed to resemble a classic revolver.

As of 1.5.4 it can still be spawned into the world using commands.



The Skull was meant to act as a base for adding collectable vanity Bauble items. Unfortunately, the code was never properly executed. The only model for it is based on the Dryad.

As of 1.5.4 it can still be spawned into the world using commands.

It can still be equipped to the head slot by right-clicking it while holding it. It cannot be equipped through the inventory screen.

AccessoryBauble Dryad


The Card is a collectable item meant to be added as a rare drop to all 1st generation mobs (mobs who have existed since the first release of Grimoire of Gaia). The Dryad is the sole mob who has a card made for it.

As of 1.5.4+ it can still be spawned into the world using commands.

It cannot be placed and serves no function.

Update: It can no longer be spawned in 1.5.6.

Card Dryad

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